Add a new Device

Important: Devices can only be added by installing the Remote Client on a device and authenticating it. Devices cannot be added directly from the Dashboard without prior authentication on the Device itself.

The general process is as follows: 1. A Cloud Workspace must already be active and the user must know his login credentials. 2. The Remote Client must be installed on the Device. 3. The User must log in to the Remote Client using the Cloud login credentials. 4. The Remote Client will connect to the Workspace automatically and will show the status "Pending Activation" 5. The Activation Request will appear in the Cloud Dashboard. After adding certain details, the Device can be activated via the Cloud Dashboard. 6. The Device is now active, when refreshing the page in the Remote Client, the status will show "Active".

Adding Sensors to the Device can only be added via the Dashboard and require certain script configuration on the Device. Please see further details here:

Device: Raspberry Pi

To install the Remote Client on a Raspberry PI and Authenticate it, please see the detailed guide here: