Install the Remote Client on a Raspberry Pi

Step 1

Open the XKI.Cloud Dashboard.

Step 2

Click on “Downloads” in the menu on the left side at the bottom and download the Raspberry Pi Remote Client.

Step 3

Start up your Raspberry Pi (using the “Raspbian” OS) and transfer the file downloaded previously.

A recommended way to transfer data between your computer is by using VNC ( )

Alternatively, you may open the XKI.Cloud Dashboard on the Raspberry Pi in a browser and download the file directly.

Place the downloaded file on the desktop.

Step 4

Set the permissions on the Appimage file by right-clicking on the file, open “Properties”, switch to the “Permissions” Tab and for “Execute” select “Anyone” and hit OK.

Step 5

Double click on the appimage file. First time the app is started, the PopUp will ask if you wish to execute the file. Click “Execute” .

Step 6

A second PopUp will ask if you wish to integrate the Appimage file with your system. Click “Yes”.

Wait for the application to start. It may take 5-20 seconds first time the application is loaded, depending on your Raspberry and internet connection.

Step 7

Once the login on the Raspberry is shown, log in with the same user credentials as used for the Cloud Dashboard.

Step 8

The Remote client has now been authenticated. The status of the Raspberry Pi is now automatically set to “Pending”. The remote client has now been connected to the Cloud Dashboard successfully, but needs approval in the Cloud Dashboard.

This is a security step to avoid any unwanted clients joining a network.

So let’s head back to the Cloud Dashboard.

Step 9

Open the Cloud Dashboard, go to “Device Management” -> “All Devices” - you will see the Raspberry Pi previously authenticated show up in the dashboard as “Pending”.

Add a desired name for the device, such as “Raspi” and click “Activate”.

Once activated, the success info will show on the bottom left.